The Portal | The Keepers of the Balance Series (Book Three)

In a race against time, Marston must make impossible choices and confront his deepest fears to save his family. Can he unravel the mystery behind his family’s disappearance before time runs out?

Devastated by recent events, Marston finds himself on the edge of despair, questioning whether his actions led to his family’s disappearance. With the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, he faces an unimaginable decision that could forever alter the course of his life.

With the countdown to rescuing his family ticking away, Marston must embrace the power of the Light like never before. The lines between friend and foe blur, and the trust he places becomes more crucial than ever. Yet, just as his plans take shape, a shocking twist threatens to unravel everything, pushing Marston and Olivia to seek help from an unlikely source.

Amidst the chaos, Marston and Olivia’s love is tested, their bond strained to its limits. Can their relationship endure the relentless trials they face?

In this action-packed and adventure-filled conclusion to the YA fantasy series, The Keepers of the Balance, the epic clash between the forces of the Light and the Darkness looms. Blending elements of romance, coming-of-age, and mystery, this breathtaking finale pushes Marston to tap into a power within himself he never knew existed. The fate of not only Marston and his fellow Keepers, but the entire multiverse, hangs in the balance.

reviews for the portal

“Ms. Dow is one of the very best indie YA writers working in the field today. Her writing is brilliant and yet accessible, and her descriptions of the fights that happen between Marston and his friends and their enemies, the Rogue Elites, are phenomenal.”

~ L.M. Ransom, Author of The Traitor Wars Series

“The Portal is my favorite book in this trilogy! Great, clean book for teens and adults without sacrificing content. Great plot twists and kept me reading!”

~ Elizabeth, Author of the Maripi Moon Series

I love that these books are available for my three young boys to read and get excited about. That they have a role model in Marston in understanding we all can have overwhelming, unhappy thoughts, but they don’t have to control us. We can look without at our family and friends, and inside at our own strengths and love, and be able to make it through to the other side.

~ CK Sorens, Author of the Trimarked Series