The Keeper | The Keepers of the Balance Series (Book One)

A boy on the cusp of destiny. When he’s invited to join an ancient order, will he survive a world full of magic and danger?

Marston Ames’s parents have ruined everything. Forced to move away from all his friends for his dad’s new job, the unhappy fifteen-year-old is sure his life is over. And just when he believes things can’t get worse, a man from his dreams attempts to kill him in the waking world.

Barely escaping before stumbling upon a magical portal, Marston transports to another realm. There, an invitation to join an ancient order standing against evil seems like the solution to his isolation… until he discovers a terrifying connection to his nightmares.

Amidst the turmoil, Marston finds an unexpected ally in Olivia, a girl draped in mystery. As their bond grows and his feelings for her blossom, Marston grapples with the complexities of his already tumultuous life.

Can Marston embrace a fate beyond his wildest imagination without summoning his doom?

The Keeper is the action-packed first book in The Keepers of the Balance YA fantasy series. If you like relatable characters, adventures full of surprises, and coming-of-age tales with a touch of sweet romance, then you’ll love Shana Dow’s captivating page-turner.

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“I enjoyed the interaction of all the characters. They played off each other well. The author of the book did a great job of holding my attention. As I read the book I noticed that it was important to pickup on the small details. The author left clues like bread crumbs to follow, hinting at what would take place next. I am waiting with anticipation for the next book in the trilogy! I would highly recommend this book for all ages.”

~ Amazon Review

“My 14yo son was immediately drawn into this book. He could hardly put it down even to play a video game. He praised the action packed fantasy book from start to finish. I highly recommend this book!!!”

~Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed this unique and interesting portal fantasy. I loved the way the characters were written with strength, and how the story unfolded slowly building the tension and intrigue as Marston, the main character, discovers more and more about his purpose in keeping the balance of the world, and the enemies he faces.”

~Goodreads Review