Olivia | The Keepers of the Balance Novella

A routine mission in an idyllic setting? How could she be so wrong?

From the outside, Olivia leads a charmed life with her wealthy philanthropic parents. However, she hides a secret that no one knows.

Olivia is in training to become a member of an ancient order: The Keepers of the Balance. On one of her training missions with her trainer, Carl, she stumbles across an unsavory underground slave organization. Is she strong enough to vanquish the Darkness and evil in this world? Will she be able to save a girl or will she be destined for a life of servitude?

Read about the perilous seaside mission she hints at in The Keeper.  What exactly happened on her mission to the small town beside the sea? Get a glimpse into the life of Marston’s trainer and meet two new characters within the world of The Keepers of the Balance.

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